Plymouth Township
Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

EAB – Sustainability Pledge Motion to Council


Plymouth Township’s Environmental Advisory Board invites you to participate in improving the planet right here at home, in our community, by making a pledge to adopt four or more new sustainable habits in your daily life that will conserve our community’s resources and reduce our community’s pollution. We encourage you to take some of the steps listed below to make your homes, gardens and recycling activity more sustainable.

HOME ACTIONS: Residents who pledge to improve the sustainability of their homes will reduce their energy consumption and the carbon footprint which is generated by their home’s heating system and traditional fossil fuel sourced electricity consumption. These four actions are low cost first steps to conserve energy.

  1. Install a  programmable thermostat in your home and learn how to program it.
  2. Install CFL or LED lights to replace any existing interior and exterior incandescent light bulbs.
  3. Attend a workshop to learn about how you can increase the energy efficiency of your home from a certified Building Performance Institute building inspector.
  4. Consider switching to a Renewable Electricity generation provider using PAPowerSwitch at http://www.papowerswitch. org/.
  5. Take advantage of PECO’s services to help us save money in our homes and businesses. (

PARK AND GARDEN ACTIONS: Residents who pledge to improve the sustainability of their garden or of a Township park will help reduce storm water run-off and conserve water. Participation in growing your own food or acquiring produce locally can improve your diet and your health and will support our local economy.

  1. Plant a tree or bush in your yard, street, or park that is a native to this region.
  2. Install and maintain a rain barrel for yard watering.  (
  3. Plant an organic vegetable garden on your property or join a community garden or community supported agriculture association.

RECYCLING: Residents who increase the number and type of materials that they recycle will help the Township save money on trash incineration/disposal and reduce air pollution. Plymouth Township offers a drop off to recycle electronic devices, and offers leaf collection and branch pickup.  Are you aware of all the materials you can recycle?  See the Montgomery County list, below.

  1. Include cardboard, paper, glass, cans and plastics #1 – #7 in single-stream recycling bin.
  2. Recycle your outdated electronic devices at the Township’s Public Works Shed. (
  3. Install and maintain a compost bin to convert vegetable waste into garden soil. (
  4. Recycle plastic bags at participating locations (Giant, Target, etc.)

Plymouth Township Recycling –


Montgomery County’s recycling guide –




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