Plymouth Township
Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

Park Partners

 Park Partners is designed like an “adopt-a-park” program; it encourages one time or longer-term volunteer support at a park.  Interested groups such as, businesses, families, churches, or community groups can select a park and work with PTPR staff to create a reasonable work plan.  In return you group will be named in the Leisure Visions, Township Newsletter and on our website.  For more information please contact, Susan Vacchiano at 610-313-8683.

The Park Partners projects may include:

  • picking up litter, debris, and fallen branches,
  • maintaining paths and trails (such as pruning the sides or spreading woodchips),
  • maintaining planting beds, raking leaves, and pulling weeds,
  • removing graffiti,
  • working on any special projects that are identified in cooperation with PTPR staff, such as painting, clearing new trails, spreading wood mulch under play equipment, planting flowers, mulching trees, planting etc.


Plymouth Township