Plymouth Township
Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

Police Special Operations Team


In 2009 the Plymouth Township Police Department joined forces with the Central Montgomery Special Weapons and Tactics (CMSWAT) team.  CMSWAT is made up of 35 Officers from 11 different Police Departments and provides highly specialized service to a total of 14 municipalities in Montgomery County Pennsylvania.

The Plymouth Township Police Department provides seven members to the team, five entry personnel and two snipers. CMSWAT members are trained to respond to the most serious law enforcement situations such as barricaded persons, hostage rescue, and high risk warrant services.

Team members must maintain the highest level of skills, as well as physical fitness, in order to ensure the successful completion of their missions.  In order to maintain these high standards team members are required to train a minimum of 16 hours a month, in addition to their normal Police duties. Team members also attend other specialized training venues throughout the year.

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Plymouth Township
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