Plymouth Township
Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

Police Administration

The Administration Unit is responsible for directing, administering, and coordinating the operations and activities of the entire Police Department in the enforcement of laws and ordinances, the prevention of crime, and the protection of citizens.

Some of the essential functions the Administration Unit Staff provide are:

Formulate policies, procedures, work methods, and regulations governing the police department, in consultation with the Township Manager.
Interact with Township officials, employees, outside agencies, and the general public.
Plan and direct police training program and personnel evaluation system.
Cooperate with state and federal law enforcement agencies.
Direct the maintenance and operation of police communications system and all police equipment and property.
Provide reports and various police correspondence.
The Administration Unit is prepared to meet any challenge and it is reflected through our high level of commitment, training and fitness.

Chief John C. Myrsiades

John has been with the Police Department since January of 1989.  In that time he has served as a Patrol Officer, Detective, Sergeant and Lieutenant before being promoted to Deputy Chief in April of 2009.  In June of 2010, he graduated in the 241st session of the FBI National Academy.  He was involved with the Department’s Special Operations Team since 1993 and served as its Commander during that time.  John is a resident of Plymouth Township and enjoys coaching.  He is the proud father of three children.

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Lieutenant Karen L. Mabry

Karen has been with the Department since February of 1989.  She has worked in Patrol, K-9, Detectives and Highway Patrol.  Prior to her promotion to Lieutenant in August of 2009, she served as the Highway Patrol Sergeant and then as the Detective Sergeant.  Karen has a Bachelor’s Degree from Temple University.  She has many hobbies to include reading and cycling.

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Lieutenant Jeffrey O’Brien

Jeff has been a Police Officer since 1991.  Prior to being hired by the Plymouth Township Police Department in 1991, he worked as a Correctional Officer and served as a Military Police Officer in the United States Army.  Jeff has served as a Patrol Officer, Patrol Sergeant and as the Detective Sergeant.  He was promoted to Patrol Lieutenant in August of 2009.  He also spent 13 years as a member of the Special Operations Team.  Jeff is married and has three children.  He and his wife are also foster parents and they enjoy taking children into their home on a regular basis.

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Chrissi Pelusi

Chrissi has been with Plymouth Township since June of 1990.  Chrissi serves as the secretary to the Chief and Deputy Chief of Police respectively.  She is a mother of three children.  Chrissi also enjoys the outdoors and spends her off time on the beach.

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