Plymouth Township
Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

Police Detective Division

The Detective Division investigates crimes.  The detectives are highly trained in many areas, including criminal investigation, crime scene processing, evidence handling, interview and interrogation, surveillance and search warrant preparation.

About Us

The Detective Division of the Plymouth Township Police Department consists of five detectives supervised by Detective Sergeant Chris Schwartz.

Our Detectives are responsible for follow up investigations involving misdemeanor and felony crimes.  They also provide support services for the Patrol Division.

It is the mission of the Detective Division to provide a complete, competent and thorough investigation while protecting the victims’ rights.  

Some of the essential functions the Plymouth Township Police Detectives provide are:  obeys and transmits all legitimate orders, insuring full compliance and uniform interpretation, thoroughly investigates all assigned cases, takes charge of investigation at crime scene, interrogates witnesses, complainants and suspects, makes arrests, issues warrants and citations, serves legal papers, operates equipment to measure blood alcohol level, vehicle speed/distance and secure/process evidence.

Assists all police units and personnel, including law enforcement officers from other agencies or jurisdictions.

Arranges for specialists in identification, ballistics, narcotics, firearms, or toxicology as needed.

Compiles investigation reports and case summaries.

The Detective Division is prepared to meet any challenge and it is reflected through its high level of commitment, training and fitness.  As with all units within the Plymouth Township Police Department, the detectives continually attend training and educational seminars.

Plymouth Township
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