Plymouth Township
Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

State Accreditation

In March of 2005, Plymouth Township Police Department became the 28th accredited police department in the State of Pennsylvania.  Considering that there are over 1,200 police departments in Pennsylvania, that’s quite an accomplishment!

The Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association started the program in July 2001.  Accreditation is a progressive and time-proven way of helping police departments evaluate and improve their overall performance.

Over 123 professional performance standards were met to achieve this honored status.  Through Accreditation, Plymouth Township Police have voluntarily accepted the challenge to prove that we are one of the best law enforcement agencies in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Accreditation marks the Departments’ competence and efficiency and the citizens of Plymouth Township are the primary benefactors.

Accreditation legitimized the claim that Plymouth Township is a professional organization dedicated to the highest standards of performance and is responsible to the community we serve.

Plymouth Township