Plymouth Township
Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

Zoning Officer

Each property in Plymouth Township has a zoning classification that determines whether it can be used for residential or commercial purposes. Zoning classifications also determine land features such as boundaries, frontage, structures and land permeability. Plymouth Township is subject to the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code, Act 247 of 1968, as amended.

The Zoning Officer, a member of the Code Enforcement department, enforces zoning regulations and assists the development of open land and subdivision of parcels. He receives applications for use and occupancy permits and sign permits, determines compliance with the building and zoning codes, and issues required permits. He works with the Zoning Hearing Board on zoning appeals and other zoning matters, and serves on the Historical Architectural Review Board.

Plymouth’s Zoning Ordinance 342 can be found in our online code here:

The Zoning Ordinance, No. 342

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Plymouth Township
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