Plymouth Township
Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

Plymouth Township Council

Plymouth Township Council establishes the policies, goals and objectives for the Executive, Administrative, and Advisory functions. There are 5 citizens who serve as council members, one for each district and one at large member. Elections are held every four years.

District 1: Nicholas R. Whitney, 610-724-7498
District 2: Kristin Frederick Leonard, 610-724-9577
District 3: Lynne M. Viscio, Vice Chair, 610-724-0157
District 4: Aaron Nelson, 610-724-1472
At Large: Karen R. Bramblett, Chair, 610-724-0421

Public meetings are held the second Monday of each month at 7 p.m. at the Greater Plymouth Community Center @ 2910 Jolly Road.

At the first meeting of the year, council elects a chairman and vice-chairman from the members. The chairman presides over meetings, attends ceremonial events and is empowered to sign legal documents.


Click here to view an archive of all video documented meetings that have been held by Plymouth Township Council since August 2019.

Council determines all municipal polices that are not set forth in the charter or by state legislation. Council adopts ordinances and resolutions, votes appropriations, approves the budget, determines the tax rate and appoints citizens to serve on various advisory boards and commissions.

An ordinance is a formal enactment or law that has been adopted by Council. Before an ordinance is put into effect it’s called a proposed ordinance. All proposed ordinances must be advertised and discussed at a public Council meeting one month prior to adoption. Council then votes on the proposed ordinance. Current proposed ordinances are posted on our website and are advertised locally.

Resolutions are used to perform the day-to-day administrative tasks of the governing body: to appoint members to committees, to recognize merit, to state policy, to request action or to state that further action of a more substantial nature may lie in the future.

Plymouth Township’s current codified ordinances are available online from General Code.

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Plymouth Township
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