Plymouth Township
Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

Citizen Boards

Citizen boards and commissions within the township work in advisory roles to council on various environmental, structural and aesthetic matters within the Township.

Vacancies for these boards are advertised locally and here on our website. Citizens who wish to serve a vacant position must submit a letter of application to the Township manager. Many of these board positions require a certain background to be eligible for appointment.

East Norriton-Plymouth-Whitpain Joint Sewer Authority is an inter-municipal board that includes representatives from each municipality. There are 3 members with 5 year terms. The board Meets monthly on the 2nd Wednesday.
FUNCTION: construct, improve, maintain, operate and finance sewer systems and sewage treatment facilities.

Historical Architectural Review Board is an inter-municipal board that meets monthly on the 2nd Wednesday and at the call of the chairman as needed.
FUNCTION: advise Council on the issuing of certificates of appropriateness for properties in the Historic District

Human Relations Commission
Plymouth Township finds that it is of high public importance to adopt appropriate legislation to insure that all persons, regardless of actual or perceived race, color, religious creed, ancestry, sex, national origin, handicap, use of guide or support animals because of blindness, deafness, or physical handicap of the user or the user is a handler or trainer or support or guide animals, or sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression, enjoy the full benefits of citizenship and are afforded equal opportunities for employment, housing and public accommodation.

Zoning Hearing Board: 5 members with 5 year terms.
FUNCTION: hold hearings and make rulings on requests for special exceptions, variances, zoning appeals and such other duties and responsibilities as prescribed by the Municipalities Planning Code (MPC). The board, along with the Township Zoning Director, meets the 3rd Monday of each month, with some months requiring 2 or 3 meetings.


Planning Agency: 7 members with 4 year terms.
Meets the 1st Wednesday of each month and on the 3rd Wednesday at the call of the chairman.
FUNCTION: review zoning appeals, subdivision and land development applications and other functions as set forth in the MPC and provide recommendations to the Zoning Hearing Board and P.T. Council.

Property Maintenance Code Appeals: 3 members with 3 year terms
Meets on call of chairman.
FUNCTION: to hear appeals of the International Property Maintenance Code which controls the rental structures and properties in the Township.

Park, Recreation and Shade Tree Advisory Board:  7 members with 4 year terms
Meets the 4th Tuesday of each month.
FUNCTION: advise Council regarding the operation, maintenance, and supervision of public parks, playgrounds and recreation areas, the establishment of recreation programs and to further advise Council with respect to the preservation, maintenance and planting of shade trees.

Building Code Appeals: 5 members with 5 year terms
Meets on the call of the chairman.
FUNCTION:hear and decide on applicants’ appeals of the Building Code.

Emergency Services Board: 10 members with 3 year terms
Meets on the 3rd Thursday of every other month.
FUNCTION: advise the Plymouth Township Council on any matter relating to fire, rescue and EMS services.

Environmental Advisory Board: 7 members with 3 year terms
Meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month.
FUNCTION: advise Council on matters relating to protection, conservation, management, promotion of the natural resources of the Township and for the protection and the improvement of the quality of the environment.

Civil Service Commission (Police): 5 members with 6 year terms
Meets on the 2nd Thursday or at the call of the chairman.

FUNCTION: establish fair and equitable methods and standards, free from political interference, for the hiring, firing, promotion, and disciplining of township employees. In addition, the board is responsible for certifying applicants for hiring and promotion and conducting examinations so only the best qualified employees are hired and promoted.

Plymouth Township
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