Plymouth Township
Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

Sewer Billing Department

The sewer department mails quarterly sewer rental bills on approximately January 15th, April 15th, July 15th, and October 15th.  All owners of properties connected to the public sewer system are required to pay a quarterly sewer service rental charge to Plymouth Township.
The sewer billing period is based on approximately ninety days of water usage. Rents paid after thirty days are subject to a 10% penalty plus interest. If a Plymouth property owner does not pay their sewer rent by June of the year after which it is originally due, a lien will be placed against the property. Continued non-payment could result in a shutoff of water to the property

There are a few different options for paying your bill:
1. Click the “pay online” button to pay with a check or credit card.
2. We offer an Automatic Payment option to pay your sewer bill – download the form from our documents section and mail or bring it in.
3. Bills can also be paid by mail or in person. The Township does not accept cash payments.

Keep in mind that when you pay through your bank, payment is not processed electronically; the bank actually mails a check. Allow up to 10 days for processing and mailing time.

Annual sewer rent revenues fund the maintenance of the Township’s sewer system including inspecting and clearing clogged underground pipes, upgrading and replacing older pipes and other maintenance. A portion of payments go to the East Norriton-Plymouth-Whitpain Joint Sewer Authority or to the Conshohocken Sewer Authority, which treat the sewage at their respective plants.

About Illegal Connections…
When storm water leaks into our sanitary sewer system, it flows through pipes with raw sewage and adds to the cost of sewage processing. This in turn drives up the Township’s sewer rent for all property owners. In Plymouth, water is infiltrating the sewer system through household sump pumps and downspouts connected to sewer pipes. These practices are illegal, and owners of such properties are advised to redirect or remove them. Plymouth property owners who are caught with illegal connections to the sanitary sewer system are subject to fines.
For more information about the Township’s sewer rent billing and collection procedures, please call the Sewer Department at 610-233-0593 or the main number at 610-277-4100.

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Plymouth Township
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