Plymouth Township
Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

Small Group Training

Cycle & Core Burn calories and strengthen your core in the same class. This fusion class combines 40 minutes of cycling with 15 minutes of abdominal work.
Tuesday, 7:15 PM-8:10 PM Thursday, 7:15 PM-8:10 PM
1/9-1/30 1/11-2/1
2/13-3/6 2/15-3/8
3/20-4/10 3/22-4/12
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Cycle Circuit  A fusion of cycling and strength training with battle ropes, medicine balls, dumbbells and more!
Wednesday, 7:00 PM- 7:55 PM  1/10-1/31
Wednesday, 7:00 PM- 7:55 PM  2/14-3/7
Wednesday, 7:00 PM- 7:55 PM  3/21-4/11
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Core Balance for Active Older Adults This class is designed for active older adults who would like to improve their balance, stability, and posture. Stretch and release techniques, standing balance exercises, and mat work, will be used to strengthen the core and leg muscles. You will find yourself enjoying improved stamina for activities of daily life such as walking, getting in and out of chairs, and climbing stairs.
Tues/Thurs, 10:05 AM-11:00 AM 2/13-3/8
Tues/Thurs, 10:05 AM-11:00 AM 3/20-4/12
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Cycle Zone Experience a different, challenging 45 minute ride each week including: HIIT, hill climbs, combinations and music theme night. Get ready to sweat! 
Monday, 7:00 PM- 7:45 PM  1/8-1/29
Monday, 7:00 PM- 7:45 PM  3/19-4/9
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Boot Camp Ages: 18+ years
Want to spice up your exercise routine, try something different, or just start your weekend off right with a great workout? This class can be a great supplement to your normal weekly exercise routine; it will get your heart pumping and your muscles screaming! A variety of exercises will be used to burn fat, build muscle, increase endurance, and push you to the limit! This is a high intensity class held indoors for the winter
Friday, 6:30 AM-7:25 AM  1/5-2/9
Friday, 6:30 AM-7:25 AM  2/23-3/30
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