Plymouth Township
Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

Small Group Training

Cycle & Core Burn calories and strengthen your core in the same class. This fusion class combines 40 minutes of cycling with 15 minutes of abdominal work.
Tuesday, 7:15 PM-8:10 PM Thursday, 7:15 PM-8:10 PM
1/9-1/30 1/11-2/1
2/13-3/6 2/15-3/8
3/20-4/10 3/22-4/12
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Cycle Circuit  A fusion of cycling and strength training with battle ropes, medicine balls, dumbbells and more!
Wednesday, 7:00 PM- 7:55 PM  1/10-1/31
Wednesday, 7:00 PM- 7:55 PM  2/14-3/7
Wednesday, 7:00 PM- 7:55 PM  3/21-4/11
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Group Cycling Experience a great workout to strengthening the heart and lungs, burn lots of calories and decrease stress. Nothing beats an indoor cycling class for a low-impact, high intensity workout to upbeat music! 
Wednesday, 6:30 AM-7:25 AM 1/10-1/31
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Cycle Zone Experience a different, challenging 45 minute ride each week including: HIIT, hill climbs, combinations and music theme night. Get ready to sweat! 
Monday, 7:00 PM- 7:45 PM  1/8-1/29
Monday, 7:00 PM- 7:45 PM  3/19-4/9
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Boot Camp Ages: 18+ years
Want to spice up your exercise routine, try something different, or just start your weekend off right with a great workout? This class can be a great supplement to your normal weekly exercise routine; it will get your heart pumping and your muscles screaming! A variety of exercises will be used to burn fat, build muscle, increase endurance, and push you to the limit! This is a high intensity class held indoors for the winter
Friday, 6:30 AM-7:25 AM  1/5-2/9
Friday, 6:30 AM-7:25 AM  2/23-3/30
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