Plymouth Township
Montgomery County, Pennsylvania


Driver Safety Class Ages: 55+years
This new and improved class is back and is going to provide you a new sense of driving. Learn how to refine and refresh your driving skills while receiving a small discount on your automobile insurance (most companies).  
4 hour re-certification classes:  
Must have  completed full certification class in the past 36 months to be  eligible for this class.
Offered by A.A.R.P. Please make checks payable to AARP.
Non Member Price: $20/Member Price: $15
8-hour Class: Tues/Thurs, 1/9 & 1/11 10:00 AM-2:30 PM
4-hour re-certification class:  Thurs, 1/25 10:00 AM-2:30 PM
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Not Your Typical Investing Presentation! Ages 18+ years
 Joslyn Ewart, author of the book Balancing Act, will share with you her knowledge on discovering how easy it is to take your financial confidence to the next level. Research shows that women’s financial confidence has not yet increased to match their phenomenal levels of professional success. Not Your Typical Investing Presentation! Cost of the class includes a copy of Balancing Act. The views expressed in these courses represent the views of the instructor and not necessarily the view of Plymouth Township.
Thursday, 3/8 6:30 PM
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Suet Bird Food Making Class (Ages: 16+ years)
This is a hands on class for making gourmet food for birds. We will make suet feeders from vegetable fat. Suet feeders are best utilized in the winter. Learn how to keep the birds in your yard happy all season long.
Tuesday, 1/30 7:00 PM
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